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Common Questions Regarding Our Applications and the App Store

How do I reload the app on a new iPad?
Go to the App Store and download again at no charge.

How do I retrieve my password?
Delete the app from your iPad by pressing until it wiggles. Next, press the "X" located in the upper right corner. Go to iTunes and download the app again at no extra charge.

How do I insert my company's logo and form?
If your company's logo is formatted as a jpeg and placed in iPhoto, this can be uploaded in the "You" section of the app. Remember to hit the Save button.

How do I change the date and form number?
Press the Reset button at the bottom of each form. You can either reset all fields or just the date and time. Once the document is sent it is not possible to alter any fields.

How do I save a form to a folder?
Every time a form is emailed you are cc'd automatically to your email account. From there, press "File" and transport the document to your destination of choice. It is a PDF and can be saved wherever you like on a PC or Mac.

How do get a quote for a custom app?
Here is how it's done: First, we would sign a non-disclosure agreement. Then, you would provide us with exactly what you would like the custom App to do. Once we fully understand your objective, we can provide a quote. Typical costs range from $2,500.00 to $7,500.00, depending on the project's complexity.

Two email addresses and it keeps sending things to my old email?
Go back into your settings on the iPad and make sure in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section the desired email is on top, with the older email address below it.

How do I request a refund?
Please contact Apple regarding a refund for the App purchased.
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