Available on the App Store Dietitian’s App Box
App Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Originally Released: July 5, 2011
Custom Modification Quotes Available: Yes

  • Features the most commonly used forms in the Dietician’s industry. Mobile Dietician’s have the ability to complete their paperwork onsite for rapid distribution to their office, doctors and patients, saving time and money while still monitoring their patients.
  • The ability of the application to populate information from the iPad and autofill many of the fields on each form will save the user hours of data input weekly. The application does many of the calculations needed by the dietician. i.e. BMI, IBW, ABW, Estimated Energy Requirements, Calories Needed Per Day and Nutrition Assessment.
  • The e-mail button will automatically PDF each form, open the mail program and add the attachment.
  • There is no learning curve for this application. The simplicity and the ease of use is exceptional.


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Dietitians App Box
Dietitian’s App BoxDietitian’s App Box
Dietitian’s App BoxDietitian’s App Box