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App Category: Medical
Originally Released: July 24, 2011
Custom Modification Quotes Available: Yes

  • How often do you find yourself frustrated by repetitious paperwork? CD&V Applications has designed a valuable iPad app to benefit the entire family. The tedious and time consuming need to complete different health history forms for each doctor or medical facility will be eliminated. The Health History App allows you to create an individual profile for every family member. The information is stored and, when needed, delivered to any desired recipient via email or downloaded, copied and presented at the time of the visit or admission.
  • The Health History App Box offers a way to provide a professional PDF medical history report that contains all of the information typically required by each medical professional or facility on a recurring basis. Once the form is created, it may be edited to include current information and will be available on demand.
  • Within seconds of inputting information, the Health History App Box will generate a professional looking PDF, which may be presented in a customized format. The user will input personal and family medical history, surgical history, pre-existing conditions, OB/GYN history, inoculations and dates, current medication, insurance information, pharmacy preference, etc.
  • The application provides an "on-the-go" capability to quickly generate and send a report from the iPad. After generating the PDF, the user may preview the report to confirm the information provided is correct. The document may then be sent to a designated email address along with copies and blind copies if desired. This enables the user to pre-register for medical appointments and admissions or to routinely update the health history information for designated health professionals.
  • The result is that all health professionals treating the same patient will have an identical health history on file, thus providing a better opportunity for overall treatment and avoiding inadvertent omissions on multiple health history forms.


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HealthHistory App Box
Health History App BoxHealth History App Box
Health History App BoxHealth History App Box